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Nepalese cuisine

Nepalese cuisine

Nepalese people traditionally eat Dal , Bhat twice a day. This is the national dish which contains rice, dal (Lentil) soup, vegetable curry and spicy pickle. Sometimes you can find it with meat curry, normally chicken or goat.

Nepalese don’t eat beef but they do eat buffalo meat. Other foods commonly eaten are Momos (meat or veg dumpling), Chowmien, Fried rice, Noodle soup, Chapatti and Curd.

Whilst trekking, these are the foods that you should commonly expect to eat. Being vegetarian is not a problem as they are also well catered restaurants. In the big towns and cities, you can get virtually any kind of food you like in one of the many restaurants, though western food is more expensive than local food.

Some typical Nepali food items found in the trek regions of the hills

Green vegetables when dried become black and can be stored literally for the rainy days. The Gundruk is a favorite dish item among Nepalis, either as soup or pickle items.

A paste item made from flour eaten generally in the far flung mountain areas where it’s difficult to find rice. Dhido with Gundruk soup is in fact the representative of difficult mountain life.

This is a most refreshing beverage after a long tiring walk. Mohi, a beverage made by churning the curd, traditionally used to be offered to all guests for its cooling effects. Sadly, however, the bottled soft drinks have replaced this health drink in most of the accessible places.

Momo, Choyila, Kachila
Most popular items in Kathmandu and Pokhara Valleys made from Buffalo meat. In fact, the Newars in the Valley make a distinct item from every buffalo part.

Chang, Jand, & Tomba
Locally brewed beer & beverage. Chang is popular among the ethnic Newars of the Kathmandu Valley, Jand in the moutains. Tomba is fermented millet grains in which boiled water in added and the drink is sucked through a bamboo straw.

Kathmandu offers dining varieties that range from the exotica of five-star menus to roadside cafes experience. The best part about it is the price range is easily affordable for most. Restaurants in Kathmandu and around the valley have improved a great deal in the last several years. Indian, Chinese, continental and enough other varieties are available to satisfy the palate of a food connoisseur. Visitors, also enjoy authentic taste of indigenous cuisines in the ethnic ambience of Nepali restaurants.

Restaurants and food joints in the nooks and corners of Thamel are very popular among western visitors. In some restaurants of Kathmandu and Pokhara, traditional songs and dances are performed by local artists during meals.

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